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There are 428 beaches that have surfing activities

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We use a simple colour coded key to display the amount of beaches in a certain area, the below shows the four different colours and the number range for each one from green through to red.

Top 10 Surfing Beaches

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We provide you with a great way to find your nearest surf beach. With unique searching facilities we make it very easy for you to discover your nearest surf beach and even locate any surf beaches which you may not have already known about. Using the easy filtering features you can see exactly where all the surf beaches are located around the country and if you are a truly dedicated surfer you won’t stop until you find that one perfect beach that provides you with the best waves and experience..

We know how important it is for you to get your planning done so that you can just hit the beach and get surfing straight away, so all the beaches here have a brief overview page for you to just quickly skim and find out yourself if it meets your needs or not.

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Surf Beach – Some of the best

Rhossili Bay – Hillend Beach is located near Swansea in Wales and is a pretty safe bet as a surf beach. It’s not well known as a surf beach but that’s not to say that all the ingredients are there to make up a pretty fantastic place. The actual beach is sheltered by a cliff face and there is a huge stretch of beach for you to choose from. You don’t have to worry too much about sea currents taking you along the coast as it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll still be within the actual bay. There is also a descending path toward the actual beach, so after a hard days surf be sure to have enough energy left to be able to make it all the way back up to the car park.

Saltdean Beach is another fantastic surf beach; it is located in Brighton so you’ll be right next to the hustle and bustle of the town as well as any surf hire and surf shops that you wish to use. Being located on the southern coast, Bright offers a great climate to any potential surfers and makes it a pretty special place to get what it is you want from a surf beach.

How to Find a Surf Beach?

This handy list that has been compiled contains all the beaches around the UK that have been decided as a surf beach. They are listed for you in alphabetical order or you can just use the map at the top of the page to browse around the country and find any places that you fancy visiting.