Nearest Beach Manchester

Our Nearest Beach Manchester

Just because this is a northerly situated city doesn’t mean that it is by any means far away from a gorgeous beach to just relax on and soak up some sun. The British weather isn’t all bad and even in the north of England and even further up towards Scotland there are still some fantastic beaches to discover, so to get started with finding the nearest beach Manchester can offer you get searching now.

Using our unique features and map you can locate the nearest beach Manchester has and with ease, find out whether the beach is any good for you. So prepare to leave the city behind and jmp straight into the best beaches along the UK coastline.

It’s also a great way to explore other beaches that may be further away than some of the nearest beaches to Manchester; you can plan a day out to travel to the east coast and enjoy the beautiful sea sides there and discover new and exciting places to visit.

Where can you find your nearest beach Manchester?

The nearest beach Manchester has is situated no more than 45 minutes away in the lovely Brighton-le-sands, a great little coastal town with more than sufficient room for everyone to enjoy as well as double up as a great escape for the day to shut out city life and bask in the sun.

If you fancy taking a little trip to the east coast of the UK the nearest beach Manchester has is Tunstall Beach, a lovely little stretch of sand set a fair way from any towns or cities to be sure of a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. There is a campsite near-by so that you can camp out in a tent or being a caravan / motorhome and spend the night next to the ocean.

Another great nearest beach Manchester has is further north towards the Scottish border, Morecambe – South Beach has everything you could need from a beach resort. Being a seaside town the beach is close enough to all the shops and seaside resorts so that you don’t have to waste time with finding places to visit, you can just have a stroll around

What is there to do at the nearest beach Manchester?

With all the great beaches that are listed on our site, you’ll find that there is something for everyone to enjoy. From walking adventures to great surf, you can discover what beach suits you the best by using our unique search features and locating which nearest beach Manchester can provide you with all the activities that you want.

A lot of the beaches that are situated near Manchester are more often than not seaside towns and so the experience you’ll find is that off a more social atmosphere, great for families and the security of being near anything you may need while visiting the coast.