Nearest beach London

Our Nearest Beach London

At the heart of our great country lies it’s capital; London may be a great place to live and work and is most definitely a superb place to have a great time but if you fancy escaping the busy city life and making your way down to the nearest beach London can offer then you’re in luck. With access to the South, East and West you won’t be stuck for choice when it comes to deciding where to spend the day out at the seaside.

Search for the nearest beach London has by using our unique features, locating exactly where you can visit the seaside and discover wonderful new attractions and places to visit without having to trawl through hundreds of sites riddled with useless information and hard to understand details.

By using the searching methods we provide to you, it’s easy to find exactly where all the nearest beaches are located and with simple heat mapping you can tell where the densest collection of beaches are, it will also pin point each and every beach for you to have a look at.

Where can you find your nearest beach London?

A great place to start if you live in or around London is to head East or South; the nearest beach London has is Canvey Island Beach and is no more than an Hour to get there. This is a perfect little escape from the busy city life; you won’t leave behind all the noise and people as it is a beach located in a seaside town but this means you won’t be completely isolated from civilised life and it is a lovely little place to visit should you have the afternoon off.

If you fancy going a further a field and travelling down to the south coast then you’ll open up a whole new experience of beaches with lots of different styles to choose from. One of the most popular would probably be around Brighton, but if you want something a little different you could try Birling Gap Beach; a wonderfully superb place to visit with towering white cliffs and a pebbly beach, not an ideal place to sunbathe but the sights here are breath-taking and the weather is mostly sunny. This beach is closely located to Eastbourne and so you can wonder into town for a lunch or dinner after a great day out at the beach

What is there to do at the nearest beach London?

We’ve made it easy for you to discover what activities are available on which beach by visiting our beach activities directory. There you can find all the things you would be looking for at a beach and sort the list by what it is you most like doing to help you find the best beach for you.