Beaches in East Sussex

Our Nearest Beaches in East Sussex

So you’ve decided to look for a beach in the beautiful county of East Sussex, a superb place to visit at any time of the year, it has the great weather desired by every and any beach lover as well as some of the most gorgeously sandy beaches in the country.

Beaches in East Sussex will provide you with an unbridled seaside experience, having a variety of activities to choose from you can narrow down your search for that perfect beach that suits you down to the ground. With the diverse amount of beaches available it’s fair to assume you’ll never get stuck for somewhere to visit.

With some highly popular coastal resorts the beaches aren’t the only things that will attract you to East Sussex. Subdue your curiosity for great adventure by taking a step into the world of superb beach front restaurants and clear waters, a place that you can sit back and relax. As most of the towns in East Sussex have fabulous beaches, staying nearby won’t be too much of a problem and you won’t have to travel too far inland to find a suitably secluded place to stay.

The beaches in East Sussex are mostly the classic sandy beach but given a bit of time you can find the cliffy and rocky beaches which are great for walking and exploring, just remember to use our helpful search features to make sure you get the best possible results for your beach criteria.

Activities at beaches in East Sussex

You can’t go too far wrong with a visit to St. Leonards Beach, a lovely beach with golden sands stretching its way along the coast as far as you can see. The clear blue waters make this a very attractive beach to visit and will give many happy memories, also bordering the town of St. Leonards so you’ll never be stuck for things to do. St Leonards Beach is also very accommodating for various activities such as surfing or body boarding, so bring any gear you wish and enjoy a great day out at a great beach.

If you travel further west along the coastline you can discover some fantastic beaches in East Sussex as you’ll arrive at a superb little beach called Birling Gap Beach, this place is quite far from any population density and as such brings a calming atmosphere and serenity to the table. Paying this beach a visit is quite simply a treat and you’ll be presented with a whole range of activities to choose from, with walking and boating being very popular.

Some of the nearest beaches in East Sussex

Like with any other county in the country East Sussex has its unique style of beaches, there is enough choice to not be too hesitant about visiting a certain beach as there is always another one that is close by or similar. Use our searching features to best find the beaches in East Sussex that suit you the most.