Nearest beaches in Dorset

Our Nearest Beaches in Dorset

A firm favourite for the nation is Dorset, a spectacular country with a southern coastline and some really superb seaside resorts and towns. You really get a feel for being close to the sea when visiting any of the coastal towns, not just because they are close to the beach but the smell in the air and the trails of sand you see here, there and everywhere. Dorset encompasses such great places like Weymouth and Bournemouth, both having equally brilliant beaches surrounding them.

You will find that using our unique searching features will help immeasurably with discovering all the great places that you can visit along the Dorset coastline. Should you wish to refine your search further you can always visit our Activities Directory to locate the nearest beaches in Dorset that provide you with you with the features you want.

Take the time to find the beach that you find most appealing right here and then go discover how wonderful it really is by paying it a visit.

Activities at beaches in Dorset

When you’re in one of the best counties for beaches in the UK you can hardly go wrong for choice of beach, so why not just browse for your favourite activity and decide which would be the best and nearest beaches in Dorset to visit.

For a great day out, it’s worth checking out the beaches in and around Bournemouth, they are beautiful and very suited to anyone who wishes to find a relaxing atmosphere with gorgeous weather and clean sandy beaches. One in particular you could visit is Bournemouth – East Cliff Beach which is a hugely popular beach with beach front shops and restaurants to cater for anything you may fancy during your trip at the seaside.

Another great beach to visit is Weymouth – Greenhill Beach, another stunning example of a great beach down in the south of England. Its silky sands and clear waters keep visitors coming back time and again, so you’ll be hooked when you visit this resort, one of the best nearest beaches in Dorset.

Some of the nearest beaches in Dorset

Ultimately the decision for which beach to visit is down to you, we provide you with the tools and information and leave it up to you to make that final say in where to go. There is so much to discover along the English coastline it would be a shame to not make the most of it when the weather is great

Beaches in Nearest beaches in Dorset

We have 35 beaches listed in Nearest beaches in Dorset:

  • Bowleaze Cove Beach - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Charmouth - East Beach - Lyme Regis, Dorset
  • Charmouth - West Beach - Lyme Regis, Dorset
  • Chesil Cove Beach - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Christchurch - Avon Beach - Christchurch, Dorset
  • Christchurch - Friars Cliff Beach - Christchurch, Dorset
  • Christchurch - Highcliffe Castle Beach - Christchurch, Dorset
  • Christchurch - Mudeford Quay Beach - Christchurch, Dorset
  • Christchurch - Steamer Point Beach - Christchurch, Dorset
  • Church Ope Cove Beach - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Durdle Door - East Beach - West Lulworth, Dorset
  • Durdle Door - West Beach - West Lulworth, Dorset
  • Eypemouth Beach - Bridport, Dorset
  • Highcliffe Beach - Christchurch, Dorset
  • Hive Beach. Burton Bradstock Beach - Burton Bradstock, Dorset
  • Kimmeridge Bay Beach - Kimmeridge, Dorset
  • Lulworth Cove Beach - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Lyme Regis - Church Beach - Lyme Regis, Dorset
  • Lyme Regis - Cobb Beach - Lyme Regis, Dorset
  • Lyme Regis - Monmouth Beach - Lyme Regis, Dorset
  • Overcombe Beach - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Portland Harbour - Castle Cove Beach - Portland, Dorset
  • Portland Harbour - Sandsfoot Castle Beach - Portland, Dorset
  • Ringstead Bay Beach - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Seatown Beach - Chideock, Dorset
  • Studland - Knoll Beach - Swanage, Dorset
  • Studland - Shell Bay Beach - Poole, Dorset
  • Swanage - Central Beach - Swanage, Dorset
  • Swanage - North Beach - Swanage, Dorset
  • Swanage - South Beach - Swanage, Dorset
  • West Bay - East Beach - Bridport, Dorset
  • West Bay - West Beach - Bridport, Dorset
  • Weymouth - Central Beach - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Weymouth - Greenhill Beach - Weymouth, Dorset
  • Weymouth - Preston Beach - Weymouth, Dorset