You will find miles and miles of golden sands and so many wonderful beaches in Lincolnshire to choose from, it can be hard to know which is the right decision for you, so stick with us and we help you locate the most appropriate nearest dog friendly beach in Lincolnshire 

One of Lincolnshire’s most famous nearest beach would have to be the seaside resort Skegness, it is one of the regions busiest beaches and has everything you desire from a seaside destination. This is a dog friendly beach, but be aware that there are some dog restrictions in place, that being said the open golden beach of Skegness is great for exercise for both animal and owner. There is also two dog friendly cafe’s and a pub nearby if your in need of a quick bite. 

If you are looking for a quieter sandy beach, then the unspoilt countryside leading to the shelving beach dunes of Moggs Eye beach is a perfect choice for you. This dog friendly beach is popular for dog walkers as it is never too busy and is a perfectly safe environment away from the roadside with no restrictions in place.

Visit Cleethorpes beach, another great nearest beach for dog walking where you will find a long stretch of beach which is almost never crowded and your guaranteed to meet other friendly dog walkers. Some restrictions do apply, so be aware for notices.

Lincolnshire’s nearest beaches are highly rates and are the ideal playground for dogs and families alike. So set up camp for the day, bring a picnic and watch your dog paddle in the sea and play amongst the sand dunes.