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351 beaches that allow dogs and a further 450 beaches with some dog restrictions.

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Our Dog Friendly Beaches

Here at we’ve gone to the extensive trouble to find out whether or not your nearest beach is dog friendly. We feel that part of a great day out at the seaside is due, in part, to that of bringing along your best friend, and by best friend I mean your dog. Taking into account that you coastal adventure may in fact mean bringing along the family pet you’ll want to know which are dog friendly beaches and which are not supportive of animals.

The Best Dog Friendly Beaches

You may not realise how close you are to some of the top dog friendly beaches in the UK, there are so many spread all over the coastline your pet could quite happily have a little adventure by visiting each one.

Padstow Beach in Cornwall; this is one spectacular beach and it owes a lot to its location. A little out the way from civilised life this beach is serene and tranquil and definitely long enough to give your dog a great run around. The water is great and the sands as golden as they come; this is a great start by way of dog friendly beaches. This beach has no dog restrictions.

Holkham Wells Beach in Norfolk; another great choice of beach and close enough to town so that you can have a stroll to the shops after a long, hard run up and down the beach. As far as dog friendly beaches go this is a bit of a funny one. Your dog is permitted only in certain areas of the beach and for the other parts it’s banned all year round.

How to Find Dog Friendly Beaches?

Along with all the other great search facilities we have amongst our site we have made it increasingly easy for you to search for dog friendly beaches. By using this page every single beach in the UK that allows dogs is listed. You will notice a little paw symbol next to the beach name, this indicates that this is a dog friendly beach and the colour of that paw signifies what terms are allocated to dogs on that particular beach.

For beaches with a green paw symbol this mean that dogs are permitted at all times throughout the year. Dog friendly beaches with an amber paw symbol indicate that this beach may have season restrictions on whether or not you’re allowed to bring your pet along. This applies to beaches that only allow dogs in off-peak season as they may be quite popular destinations for visitors during the summer. Beaches that have a red paw next to them mean that they do not allow dogs under any circumstance.

What to Expect From Dog Friendly Beaches

Dog friendly beaches cater towards your pet by supplying you with essential tools for keeping the beach clean and sanitised. Bins for your dog’s waste are necessary in keeping the hygiene levels high so that the beach may be enjoyed by everyone, it also helps to reduce the smell of any excrement that may be otherwise laying around and all dog owners are encouraged to make sure they provide sufficient means for collecting their dog’s faeces to dump in the bins.

Let’s keep our dog friendly beaches clear of any foul by each looking after our own and keeping it all neat and tidy. Should you witness anybody not taking care of their dog’s mess they should be reported and the location of the incident as well so that it can be dealt with accordingly.