Beaches in Ceredigion

Our nearest beaches in Ceredigion

The Welsh county of Ceredigion has some of the most fantastic beaches you could ever possibly imagine, you don’t have to travel to tropical climates and sunny weather to enjoy a trip to the seaside and the nearest beaches in Ceredigion prove that hands down. Located on the western coast of Wales Ceredigion encompasses such great Towns as Aberystwyth and New Quay and each and every place has that particular feeling about it that you know you’re near the seaside.

With such a handful of places to visit you may be asking yourself where about should you start looking to find that perfect place to visit. Well we can offer you help with that, by giving you an intuitive and easy to follow search feature. We have categorised and alphabetised each and every beach so finding the nearest beaches in Ceredigion is a task that not be any more difficult than enjoyed the day out.

So spend a few minutes browsing all the different types of beaches that are available and so what you can discover today.

Activities at beaches in Ceredigion

When it comes to discovering some of the best beaches for the various activities that you may want to do when you’re out at the beach then look no further. With our comprehensive list you can find exactly which beach it is that you wish to visit by filtering out the ones that don’t meet your criteria.

For a superb day out you can try visiting Aberporth – Traeth-y-Dyffryn Beach, a lovely little secluded beach with high cliff faces surrounding the main beach sands. It could prove to be a perfect escape for you and whomever you decide to take; venture into the waters and ride high on your board or just chill out on the dust like golden sand and soak up some of the fine weather that Wales has.

If that style of beach doesn’t tickle your fancy how about Clarach – North Beach, it’s your classic beach features plus some. It has a nearby Caravan park so accommodation is not a problem should you wish to venture here for the weekend. There’s a bit for everyone to do here, with walks through fields and over cliffs you’ll find something to suit you any day of the year.

Some of the nearest beaches in Ceredigion

We can’t make the decision for you but we can help you to make the best choice that you have available. So have a browse through all the beaches in Ceredigion and see if you can find a perfect location for you to visit in this beautiful Welsh county. You can use the activity directory here to discover the beaches in Ceredigion that are more orientated towards the activities that you choose.

Beaches in Beaches in Ceredigion

We have 35 beaches listed in Beaches in Ceredigion:

  • Aberaeron - Harbour (Fourth Groyne North) Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Aberaeron - North (North of groynes) Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Aberaeron - North Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Aberaeron - South (Northern Groyne) Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Aberarth Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Aberporth - Traeth-y-Dyffryn Beach - Aberporth, Ceredigion
  • Aberporth Beach - Aberporth, Ceredigion
  • Aberystwyth - Harbour Beach - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
  • Aberystwyth - North Beach - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
  • Aberystwyth - South Beach - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
  • Aberystwyth - Tanybwlch Beach - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
  • Borth Beach - Borth, Ceredigion
  • Cilborth Beach - Cardigan, Ceredigion
  • Clarach - North Beach - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
  • Clarach - South Beach - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
  • Cwmtydu Beach - New Quay, Ceredigion
  • Gilfach yr Halen Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Gwbert-on-Sea at Craig y Gwent Beach - Cardigan, Ceredigion
  • Little Quay (Cei Bach) Beach - Newquay, Ceredigion
  • Llangrannog Beach - Cardigan, Ceredigion
  • Llanina Beach - New Quay, Ceredigion
  • Llanon (Slipway) Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Llanrhystyd - South Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Llansantffraid Beach - Aberaeron, Ceredigion
  • Morfa Bychan (Slipway) Beach - Porthmadog, Ceredigion
  • Mwnt Beach - Cardigan, Ceredigion
  • New Quay - North Beach - Cardigan, Ceredigion
  • New Quay - South Beach - New Quay, Ceredigion
  • New Quay - Traeth Gwyn Beach - New Quay, Ceredigion
  • New Quay. Harbour Beach - New Quay, Ceredigion
  • Penbryn Beach - Cardigan, Ceredigion
  • Poppit Sands - East Beach - Newport, Ceredigion
  • Tresaith Beach - Cardigan, Ceredigion
  • Ynyslas - Northern Groyne (Sea) Beach - Borth, Ceredigion
  • Ynyslas - Twyni Bach (Estuary) Beach - Aberdovey, Ceredigion