Platte Saline Beach

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Nature and Wildlife

The shoreline has abundant sea kale and sea and there are many wild flowers behind the beach.

Water Quality

Not Tested

Lifeguard information


Dog Information

Dogs are allowed on the beach all year.

ALDERNEY TIC States Office. Queen Elizabeth II Street Alderney. Channel Islands GY9 3AA Tel: +44 (0) 1481 822994

How to find Platte Saline Beach

Alderney / St Annes

Access to the beach is via a rough road stretching from Fort Doyle to the junction leading to Clonque Bay.

We use a simple colour coded key to display the amount of cottages nearby, the below shows the three different colours and the number range for each one from green through to red.

  • 1-10 1-10
  • 11-99 11-99
  • 100+ 100 +
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